Triathlon Spectators and Volunteers

Spectators: See your friends and family in action!

The transition area, finish line and after party are all located in Night Heron Park, a 21-acre spectator and family-friendly park in the heart of Kiawah Island. Night Heron Park provides an exceptional spectator friendly venue with several vantage points all within an easy walk.

Best Spots to Cheer

  • Swim Start: Front beach just east of the Sanctuary Hotel and Boardwalk 27
  • Front beach at Boardwalk 18, adjacent to Night Heron Park (During swim exit spectators must use Boardwalk 19)
  • Bike Mile 17: Kiawah Island Parkway adjacent to Night Heron Park
  • Bike Mile 25.5: Eugenia Ave and Fiddler Reach
  • Bike Finish: Sea Forest Drive adjacent to Night Heron Park
  • Run Mile .2: Sea Forest Drive east of Night Heron Park
  • Race Finish: Center of Night Heron Park, near The Nest

Athlete Safety

For the safety of athletes, we ask that spectators remain off all roads and bike paths throughout the race course, but particularly around Night Heron Park. Please walk and view athletes from grassy open spaces. Spectator bikes are prohibited on the entire course.

Family Friendly

If your cheer squad includes children, Night Heron Park is the perfect spot to spend the day. Located within the Park is a basketball court, sand volleyball court, gaga ball court, ping pong table and playground. Spectators are welcome to take advantage of these amenities. Balls are available inside the Heron Park Nature Center with a $20 refundable deposit.

The Heron Park Nature Center is also a great spot. Free and open to the public, it features exhibits on local reptiles, amphibians and marine life. Please note: the pools at Night Heron Park are reserved for guests of the Kiawah Island Golf Resort.


Ample restrooms are located inside the Heron Park Nature Center and at the Night Heron Pool Shop. Port-a-toilets are also located adjacent to the finish line.

Finish Line Party & Awards Party

Party: 9:30am-12pm | Awards: approximately 11:15am

Everyone is welcome to the Finish Line Party and Awards Ceremony at Night Heron Park, featuring live music. The Triathlon buffet is available complimentary to (bibbed) athletes. Spectators may may purchase wristbands for food and/or beer for $10 each while supplies last.


Our Triathlon has ample opportunity for volunteers to get involved in the action. Volunteers are always needed and appreciated. Volunteer as a group to raise money for a non-profit organization. For information regarding volunteering for our race, email