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Interactive Map of Kiawah Island Golf Resort

Use our map resources to explore Kiawah Island and the historic town of Charleston.

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Explore Kiawah Island and the surrounding region with the help of our online interactive map. Locate and learn more about Kiawah Island?s resort facilities including championship golf courses, dining options, top-ranked tennis clubs, nearby family outdoor activities and much more. To access additional information, simply click on a selected location. For more selection, browse our collection of online Charleston Maps and South Carolina Maps.

Interactive Kiawah Island Resort Map

Use our online map to locate dining, shopping and recreational locations, including the historic town of Charleston, South Carolina and the following;

  • Championship golf courses
  • The Spa at The Sanctuary
  • Featured dining experiences
  • Shopping and recreational locations
  • Heron Park Nature Center
  • The Sanctuary Hotel and Beach Vacation Homes and Villa Rentals
  • The Roy Barth Tennis Center

Do you need more options? Take a look at other Kiawah Island maps from Yahoo! Travel, Google Maps and MapQuest.

Charleston, South Carolina Maps

Situated on the coast of South Carolina and only 21 miles from Kiawah Island, the historic town of Charleston invites you to explore a town featuring cobblestoned streets, magnificent architecture and warm southern charm. Plan your historic journey with the help of following Charleston maps.

Charleston Peninsula Map

Charleston Peninsula Map

Get a glimpse of historic houses and churches that are situated in the Charleston Peninsula area.
View & download map (PDF)


North Charleston Map

North Charleston Map

Find your way to the town of Charleston from the Charleston International Airport.
View & download map (PDF)


Greater Charleston Regional Map
Greater Charleston Regional Map

Get familiar with the greater Charleston Region, including major highways leading into the town.
View & download map (PDF)


Charleston Activities MapCharleston Activities Map

Use this map to locate golf course, public beaches and country parks throughout Charleston, South Carolina.
View & download map (PDF)


South Carolina Maps

South Carolina is home to majestic oak trees, white sandy beaches, American Revolutionary war sites and world-class golf and family attractions. Find your way around the Palmetto State with a variety of online maps, locating the state?s airports, state parks, cities, and much more.

South Carolina Tourism RegionsSouth Carolina Tourism Regions

To help you plan your next trip to South Carolina, the state has been divided in 10 distinct tourism regions.
View & download map (PDF)


South Carolina CitiesSouth Carolina Cities

Explore the cities in South Carolina and receive a unique vacation experience with each location.
View & download map (PDF)


South Carolina AirportsSouth Carolina Airports

Find the location of all six airports, including the Charleston International Airport.
View & download map (PDF)


South Carolina CountiesSouth Carolina Counties

Locate and learn more about the culture and history of each county in South Carolina.
View & download map (PDF)


Interstate Road MapInterstate Road Map

Take a look at this map when planning for your next road trip through the Palmetto State.
View & download map (PDF)


Welcome & Discovery CentersWelcome & Discovery Centers

Find all the information you need by visiting one of South Carolina?s Welcome & Discovery Centers.
View & download map (PDF)


Find your way to an exceptional Kiawah Island vacation

Looking for directions to the Kiawah Island Golf Resort? View a variety of Kiawah Island driving directions from major South Carolina highways.

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