Triathlon Relay Teams

triathlon swimmerRelay teams may be comprised of two or three members, single or mixed gender.

Age Restrictions

Relay team members must be at least 15 years old by December 31st.

Refunds and Deferrals

Entry fees and USTA membership fees for relay teams are non-refundable, and deferrals are not an option. Anyone found participating with another person’s number will be disqualified and both people will be barred from future Kiawah Island Golf Resort Triathlon and Marathons.


For relay teams one race entry is transferable. Relay transfers can be done by contacting the triathlon office at No changes of any kind on race day.

Packet Pick up

Relay team members will be treated as individual racers; consequently, athletes do not need to attend Packet Pick-up together. Conversely, team members cannot pick up any other teammate’s bib.

Race Day Logistics

After the swim segment, inside the TA at their designated bike rack, the swim team member will pass the timing chip and neoprene band to the cyclist team member. After the bike segment, again inside the TA at their designated bike rack, the cyclist team member will pass the chip to the runner team member.

Finishers’ Medal

All members of the relay team will receive a Finisher’s Medal. When the run member of the relay team crosses the finish line, all members of the team may approach our race staff at the finish line to receive their medal.


First place awards are presented to the top team finishing in the following categories: Male, Female, and Mixed Gender.

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