Spring Break on Kiawah Island

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The advent of warmer weather has everyone hankering to get outdoors, and Spring Break Kiawah Island throttles into full gear. With its warm subtropical temperatures, abundant outdoor spaces and loads of activities for all ages and interests, Kiawah Island is the ideal destination to take a spring family vacation. With a wide range of accommodation options, whether in The Sanctuary hotel, in one of our Resort Villas or in a Private Home for an extended-family reunion.

Of course our five championship golf courses will beacon in their prime condition, and our 30-plus miles of paved trails and hard-packed beach will urge you to set out on our iconic green beach cruisers. And although it’s hard to be lured from our wide sandy beaches and heated pools. Our resident dolphins in the Kiawah River will also share your spring fever, so you won’t want to miss a dolphin excursion to responsibly observe these fascinating and highly entertaining marine mammals, either by a captained boat or in a kayak or SUP. But here are five more great reasons why you should begin planing your Spring Break Kiawah Island family getaway today.

Attend One-week Tennis Academy

Have a budding Serena or Novak in your house? Junior tennis players who wish to enhance their tennis training over spring break should take advantage of Barth-Hawtin Tennis Academy’s intensive one-week sessions running March 1 – April 24. Junior athletes who already have a primary coach can train at Barth-Hawtin Tennis Academy without worrying about our staff making unnecessary changes that might create confusion or frustration. Academy staff takes great care to ensure the training they provide complements the principles the players are learning from their coaches.

Take Archery Lessons

Archery lessons

Channel your inner Katniss Everdeen by learning basic archery skills, and try your luck at targets of varying size. This lesson will be sure to challenge all of Kiawah Island’s new and advanced archers from age eight and above. If your interest is piqued and you wish to get more serious, the resort is delighted to offer private lessons upon request.

Go Prehistoric

alligatorExplore our real-life Jurassic Park. With Kiawah’s early spring warming up the interior bodies of water, male alligators announce the start of mating season by bellowing loudly from pond to pond in an attempt to attract a female. You’ll never forget the first time you hear an alligator bellow, let alone see it. This deep prehistoric rumble accompanied with tail slaps cause the water all around to vibrate in a phenomenon known as the “water dance.” Check out this part of the island’s wild side by joining one of our naturalists on an Alligator Adventure tour or a Gator Walk.

Embrace Art for Everybody

Art StudioYou don’t have to be the next Picasso to explore your creative side. Turtle’s Nest Art Studio, currently operating in the open-air pavilion at Night Heron Park, offers something for every member of the family to creatively enjoy. Express yourself through pottery,  jewelry, mosaics, canvas painting and various other media. Kiln projects, such as pottery painting and glass fusing, are available for pick up 2-4 days after completion, or we can pack up and ship to your home address.

Flock Together

Jr. Naturalist BirdingSpring is bird-busy on Kiawah Island as resident songbirds begin singing and establishing territories. Early nesters, such as chickadees, have already begun nest construction. Osprey and hawks begin incubating, while great horned owl and eagle chicks have already hatched. March welcomes early spring arrivals — northern-rough-winged swallows, chimney swifts, blue-gray gnatcatchers, yellow-throated warblers, northern parulas, and black-necked stilts, to name a few.  On the beach, numbers of shorebird flocks increase as red knots, piping plovers, and other shorebirds gather along the beach during spring migration. By April, all of our remaining summer residents should have arrived: summer tanagers, orchard orioles, painted buntings, eastern kingbirds, great-crested flycatchers, barn swallows and ruby-throated hummingbirds.  Our four beach nesting species (least terns, Wilson’s plovers, black skimmers and American oystercatchers) are begin to set up shop on the beach by April.

Call our reservations team at 800.654-2924 or visit the reservations page to begin planning your Kiawah Island Spring Break. For additional information on Nature and Recreation programs, please call the Heron Park Nature Center at (843) 768-6001. To learn more about One-week Tennis Academy, call Director of Tennis Jonathan Barth at (843) 768-2706.