Inspired Sequences

Leave your cares at the door and reward yourself with a series of treatments that restore health and vitality.

Sanctuary Journey  |  2 Hours
Your journey to relaxation begins with our one-hour Southern Classic Massage, followed by our one-hour Holistic Facial.

Transformation Ritual  |  2 Hours
Enjoy visible results with high performance skin-firming treatments for your body and face. A Natural Body Lift, combined with our Collagen Lift Facial, merges science with the healing properties of plants to restore and tone your skin. A transformative experience!

Spirit of the Sea  |  2.5 Hours
Turn to the ocean for renewal of your inner and outer self! Sea Salt, Sea Shells, and Seaweed are the key elements in this inspired sequence of coastal treatments. Stress melts away during our Sea Essence Fusion, followed by a Seaside Escape Facial.

Citrus Luxury Retreat  |  2 Hours
The ultimate vitamin cocktail your skin needs to feel awakened, firmer and radiant! Experience the power of Vitamin C and indulge in our citrus inspired sequence that delivers visible rejuvenation with wellbeing and relaxation. The Citrus Body Drench is followed by our Citrus Radiance Facial.

Blissfully Unaware  |  4 Hours
Treat yourself to a classic “spa day,” including a Sanctuary Signature Massage, Holistic Facial, and Classic Manicure/Pedicure.

Gentlemen’s Spa Medley  |  3 Hours
Unwind from head to toe with treatments designed especially for gentlemen. A 60-minute Deep Tissue Massage, Men’s Face Fitness and Men’s Conditioning Spa Pedicure will replenish and renew your body and mind.

Please note that no additional discounts or promotional offers can be applied to Spa Medleys.


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