Environmental Commitment

From its establishment in 1976, Kiawah Island Golf Resort has considered it a privilege to inhabit this barrier island, marked with rare natural beauty and invaluable resources. We keenly understand and embrace our responsibility towards the island and the surrounding area to which it is so integrally connected. Stewardship remains one of our core values, and as applied to the environment calls us towards direct action, education and support of organizations dedicated to protecting the island’s natural resources. We recognize that our environmental commitment, rather than being a static abstract philosophy, must constantly evolve to face emerging scientific discovery. Kiawah Island Golf Resort remains diligent and determined in our perpetual care for the environment.

Audubon International

Both The Sanctuary and all five resort courses are certified by Audubon International as Audubon Cooperative Sanctuaries (ASCPs). Audubon International is a highly respected environmental leader whose mission is “to promote environmentally sustainable environments where people live, work and play.”

Local Commitment

Kiawah Island Golf Resort is dedicated to supporting local purveyors to supply as much of its table fare as possible. By working with local farmers, fisheries, and other purveyors, the resort shrinks its environmental footprint by reducing supply lines, helps preserve our irreplaceable open lands by retaining it for agricultural use, and offers guests the very best of fresh, locally grown and produced fare. Visit Local Partnerships to learn more.


Through our Nature and Recreation programs, Kiawah Island Golf Resort has teamed with nationally recognized partners to aid in helping preserve our special barrier island ecosystems and the flora and fauna that thrive in it. For example, the resort has enjoyed long-lasting relationships with Kiawah Conservancy, Certified SC Grown, the South Carolina Aquarium, Lowcountry Marine Mammal Network, Kiawah Island Terrapin Project and the Kiawah Island Bobcat Guardian initiative.

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