The Charleston SC Golf School


Our program will help you learn to play the game of golf the best way – design a customized experience to focus on your skill level and needed areas of improvement. Each session focuses on a specific element of the game, so whether you are a true beginner or an accomplished player, you’ll leave feeling more confident on the course. From mastering the terminology, to the use of equipment and mental approach, our golf school covers every aspect of the game.

No matter your skill level, our schools are completely tailored to you, and take into consideration your goals, experience, and capabilities. Our instructors will work with you to provide the most efficient ways to improve your game now, and more importantly, how to continue to improve beyond class instruction.

We offer structured two-and three-day schools that can include any of the following areas:

Terminology, Rules, and Etiquette

Short Game
Commonly one of the quickest ways to create improvement is with a player’s short game. Focusing on this area can often also lead to improved full swing fundamentals.

Short Game discussion will include Chipping, Pitching, Bunker, and Putting, as well as cover how Club Selection, Ball Position, Reading Greens and Distance Control can be managed.

Full Swing Fundamentals
All elements of your swing will be analyzed, allowing our instructors to find the areas that, once improved, will allow the ball to fly straighter and farther.

These sessions cover Pre-Swing Fundamentals – Pre-Shot Routine, Club Selection, Alignment, Shot Selection – as well as Full Swing Fundamentals – Shoulder Rotation, Hip Rotation, Wrist Hinge, Club Selection, Shot Making, and Equipment Diagnosis.

From covering the parts of the club to identifying the best clubs to build your personalized set, you’ll have a clear understanding of the essential equipment needed – and how to use it – for a successful round of golf.

Trouble Shots
Difficult lies are, by definition, some of the most difficult golf shots. These sessions will cover how to make these complicated shots easier, including Up Hill, Down Hill, Ball Above, Ball Below, and Punch Shots

9 Hole Playing lessons with Golf Instructor
For a true hands-on experience, your golf instructor will play 9 holes of golf with you at one of our courses. During the round, you’ll cover what you learned on the driving range and how to take it to the course, reviewing the essential parts of the game to help you lower your score.

Taking your instruction beyond the classroom, our instructors will also cover how to continue improving your game – providing you with important drills to practice on your own. V1 Video Analysis will be provided, allowing us to capture your golf swing, review your golf swing, and show your improvements throughout the course.


Available mid-February through mid-May and mid-September through mid-November.

9am-11:45am: Instruction on Range (topics vary based on student’s needs)
1pm: 9 hole playing lesson with instructor – may complete round on your own

This school is available for one, two or three days and for individuals, couples, or groups up to four.


(1-4 students)

Offered year-long

3 Day Experience

Days 1 & 2: Golf lessons on driving range
Day 3: 9 hole playing lesson with instructor
Includes 1 hour of range time per day.

5 Day Experience
Days 1-4: Golf lessons on the driving range
Day 5: 9 hole playing lesson with instructor

For more information and available dates, call (843) 266-4030. Accommodations are not included in pricing.