Meet Face-to-Face on Kiawah Island

There has never been a better time than the present to meet face-to-face on Kiawah Island. It’s becoming abundantly clear that the work-from-home and hybrid-office model was not just a passing fancy. Recent studies by Gallup strongly suggest that hybrid or remote working is the future, and that companies that resist adapting  face a future where that recurring whooshing sound is the noise the front door makes as (now former) employees make a mass exodus.

Despite the fact that most professional workers will either work full-time or part-time from home, it doesn’t diminish the fact that it is more critical than ever for teams to get together for face-to-face meetings. Yes, teams can work extremely efficiently and productively outside a traditional office environment, but they still need to meet face-to-face to maintain those bonds that build synergy, spur creativity and foster loyalty.

So what does that look like for your business? Here are four inspiring ideas to help you temporarily ditch Zoom for a meaningful, memorable face-to-face meeting on Kiawah Island sure to strengthen your team’s bonds.

Meet Me at the Water Cooler

beach with dunes

Tired clichés exist for a reason: they all contain a kernel of truth. So, our postmodern workforce no longer gathers around the water cooler for informal discussion. OK, let’s get real: it’s gossip. But work gossip does have it’s value. Now you need a new water cooler. With 10 miles of beach, the winding Kiawah River and multiple pool complexes, there’s nothing better to promote the kind of relaxed environment that fosters informal conversation.

Your Morning Commute

Kiawah Biking

You never thought of ride-sharing because the thought of a coworker witnessing your Mr. Hyde-moment triggered by morning traffic. Picture a morning commute that is sheer serenity as you immerse yourself in nature. With 30-plus miles of paved biking trails and the hard-packed sand below the beach’s tide-line ideal for cycling, our iconic green bikes will let you experience a morning commute unlike anything you ever dreamed possible in real life.

Your Next Board Meeting

SUP Kiawah

The last time you sat around a conference table, you pushed your blood pressure near the breaking point due to the copious amounts of caffeine you consumed to stay awake and focused. Never would have happened if you’d had dolphins to keep your attention. Yes, live dolphins. Just take a SUP excursion on the Kiawah River with a few of your workmates, and the odds are pretty good you’ll encounter our population of resident bottlenose dolphins. Talk about board meeting without the boredom.

The New Office Happy Hour

Ryder Cup Bar Specialty Drinks

Make that happy hours. It’s easy to lose track of time on Kiawah Island, so why even bother trying to keep track? Once the hard work of biking, golfing, tennis, paddling and beach-lounging are done, regather as a group to relive your day and discuss tomorrow’s activities. Or inactivity, if that’s more your speed. Time enough to worry about work when you get back home, renewed, refreshed, reconnected and ready to take on the world. With a tan.