Maximize Results With A Post-Meeting Checklist

Your meeting’s wrapped! Now is the time to follow up with a few strategies to ensure your investment continues to pay dividends. This is your chance to boost the value of your event to your organization—and to those who participated. To help you ramp up opportunities and outcomes, our ProMeeting team put together this checklist for a quick and easy post-meeting plan:

Say thank you. It’s a simple but significant gesture. Show your appreciation to participants, speakers and others who contributed to your success by finding a creative way that ties in with your event. Many of our guests check off this task while they’re here on the island by choosing Kiawah Island Golf Resort items that can be embroidered with their company logo. (For ideas, check out the terrific selection of apparel and accessories at our online store.)

Share your content. Your meeting ROI grows when you continue to inform, educate and inspire your team. So plan ahead to shoot brief video during your event. These can be one-on-one interviews, tips from experts or valuable highlights of the event. Email videos to attendees and other stakeholders at intervals soon after the event or distribute them through social media. Kiawah Island can support you with services from J&S Audio Visual, a team available for groups looking to add a professional look to their communications.

Do a quick post-event survey. Find out what worked and what didn’t with a service like SurveyMoney or SurveyGizmo. Keep it short and do it immediately after your meeting. In addition to asking if the event met objectives, you may want to find out how attendees rank the venue’s facilities, menus and service. Here at Kiawah, the ProMeetings team always welcomes you to share feedback with us so we can enhance the success of your next event.

Continue the conversation.You’ll be surprised how much participants keep talking about a great event. Use this to build on networking and relationships formed during the meeting. Here are a few simple ideas: Post share-worthy ideas from the meeting on social media. If you write a blog, include news about the event’s success and key takeaways. Post event pictures on Instagram. If you didn’t create a hashtag for your event, don’t miss this opportunity next time.

Measure your success. Establish a way to consistently calculate the return on your meeting investments, whether it’s ROI (quantifying the value of a meeting in dollars), or ROO (calculating the return on objective by measuring progress gained at a meeting.) With this information, you’ll identify meeting investments to expand and those to reconsider. Looking for ideas to maximize your returns? Check out this article from About Money, which emphasizes the value and increased ROI from high-quality events at top-level venues.

Develop a proactive meetings mindset.Meetings contribute ongoing value and cumulative results to your organization, so think of them as a vital, continuing process rather than as one-off events. That way, meetings become integral to your corporate culture and team development. You can count on building success with every consecutive meeting and have your team enthusiastically anticipating your next event.

Supporting your success is what we do best at Kiawah Island Golf Resort, and we invite you to plan your next event with us. Your group will experience exceptional value, dedicated support from our ProMeetings team and superb resort amenities, including five championship golf courses, two tennis complexes and endless recreation. Please contact our Director of Group Sales, Marty Couch, and his team at 800.576.1585. Call soon to take advantage of these outstanding savings available for a limited time:

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