Kiawah’s Environmental Studies Program

field tripsThe mission of the Kiawah Island Nature Program is to educate young people about the wonders of our natural resources through hands-on experience. We use an up-close and personal approach to nature to get students interested and excited about the biological concepts covered in the South Carolina Science Standards. We offer presentations in your classroom as well as field trip experiences to beautiful Kiawah Island.

The school curriculum of the Kiawah Island Nature Program is designed to supplement classroom learning with an exciting and different approach to studying the nature that surrounds us. Students leave with a greater understanding and appreciation for our coastal areas, all while having a fun and unforgettable experience!

On and Off-Island Programs

For both on island and off island at your school, click below to see our most up to date listing of program offerings.

Middle School and High School Land Classes and Descriptions
Middle School and High School Water-based Classes and Descriptions
Elementary School Classes and Description

Custom Programs

From the sea turtle life cycle to catching insects on the edge of the playground, we would be happy to pool our resources to create a unique nature-themed presentation or activity for your classroom. Please contact the Heron Park Nature Center at (843) 768-6001 to schedule your custom program today!

For more information about our programs and to arrange a visit with the Kiawah Island Nature Program, please email or call the Heron Park Nature Center at (843) 768-6001.

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