Welcome to Kiawah Island

As our guest and new neighbor, there are important neighborhood ordinances to make note of in preserving the tranquil, natural beauty surrounding your accommodations that are the appeal of Kiawah Island.

The Town of Kiawah Island requires adherence to the following rental regulations to avoid citations:

Bike Storage — The Town requests that bikes be left in a neat and orderly fashion and not visible from the street. You will be notified at check-in on the overnight bike location designated for your rental.

Beach Equipment — No beach equipment shall be left outside and visible from street view. Towels or clothing are not permitted to be draped over deck railings.

Occupancy and Overnight Parking — The Town has designated a maximum occupancy and overnight vehicle allowance for all rental properties. Please review your home or villa listing description to find the maximum number of vehicles permitted overnight on the property.

Ordinances are strictly enforced nightly and failure to comply with the above will result in citations.
*Town of Kiawah STR Ordinance—Section 15-806

Should you have any questions, please contact the Villa Front Desk at 843.768.2777.