Meet Off-Site And Optimize Your Success

When you hold a meeting away from the office, the rewards are huge. Sure, it’s easier for everyone to focus when they’re free of the day-to-day distractions at the office. But that’s just the beginning of the benefits for your group, and your business. From Kiawah’s ProMeetings team, here are the payoffs that make off-sites a sound investment for your organization:

Break away for a breakthrough. Think about the last time you had a really BIG idea. Chances are the lightbulb didn’t explode brightly when you were in your same-old routine, at your familiar desk, glancing at that everyday view. It’s more likely your “aha!” moment struck during an out-of-office meeting or retreat. That’s because a new location can shake up our perspective, open our minds and help our brains think in new ways. There’s also evidence that brainstorming in person, not over video chat or on the phone, generates more and better ideas, according to research by IMEX and the Meetology® Group. (You can read all about their study here.) In fact, results showed that, on average, face-to-face pairs of participants generated 30 percent more ideas than virtual pairs. Which brings us to our next benefit…

Real communication happens face-to-face. Even as high-tech puts virtual meetings at our fingertips, there are powerful reasons to bring people together. When humans spend one-on-one time together, we pay more attention and can pick up on non-verbal cues – and that’s what builds trust, relationships and effective communication. Science corroborates this, and feedback from our clients confirms it, too. They’ll tell us their presentations and breakouts were motivating, yet the real value was time their team had to share experiences and get to know each other better. (For the science behind in-person collaboration, Fast Company has a quick and compelling read. Check it out here.) A strong team and a successful organization require personal connections.

Get away to spark collaboration. An inspiring venue can quickly shift your attendees into a new gear from the moment you arrive. Just being in a different and exhilarating atmosphere can create enthusiasm and revitalize your team. An off-site venue also gives you spaces and tech resources to host meetings and events that would be impossible back at the office. For instance, could you meet in a clubhouse filled with the dynamic spirit of PGA Championships, create a pro-level custom video to share session highlights, mix and mingle at a luau by the Atlantic or jump-start your agenda with an invigorating paddle adventure? These are things groups at Kiawah have done to boost camaraderie and teamwork. Participants tell us they feel the difference in their team dynamics when they engage in these energizing locations and activities.

No worries about details or distractions. You bring your team to an off-site venue for a specific purpose, whether it’s brainstorming new ideas, making strategic decisions for the future or providing training to build careers. Freeing your team from daily responsibilities so they can focus is the first step. The second is choosing a comprehensive and flexible venue, so every detail – from trouble-free technology to healthful snacks – creates an environment for productivity. Here at Kiawah, the WiFi extends to the beach and there is no limit to how far our professional planners go to make sure all your requirements and expectations are met…and then surpassed.

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