Academics and Academy Life

Barth-Hawtin Tennis Academy understands our players’ wish to thrive in the classroom as well as on the court. Players who attend school in Charleston have early release options allowing them to still train full time. Players in online school programs are free to use the program that best suits their needs. We prioritize each player’s academic success and monitor their progress weekly. On-site academic tutors spend time with students each week to ensure players are excelling in their academic work. We prioritize providing access to additional academic support to players who have trouble balancing their academic workload with competitive tennis. When needed, we also provide SAT prep through an outside vendor.

Barth-Hawtin Tennis Academy realizes life can’t be all work and no play. We offer fun nightly activities during the summer and weekend activities during the school year when players are not playing tournaments. Activities such as beach games, swimming, paddle boarding, mini golf and movies, help our players bond and forge strong relationships that are critical to the Academy’s strong culture.

Tournament Travel

Barth-Hawtin Tennis Academy believes tournament travel is an integral part of the process in transforming a player. Our coaches travel to select tournaments with our athletes year round to help shape athletes’ mindsets and gain deeper insight into every aspect of competition. We believe the tournament environment presents one of the best opportunities to influence a player’s match preparation, and subsequently match outcomes. We do not require players to travel to all tournaments our coaches attend, but we do encourage it. We set the tournament schedule during the two yearly team meetings between coaches, players, and parents, and Barth-Hawtin Tennis Academy decides which events are most important for players to attend.

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