The Barth-Hawtin Tennis Academy

The Barth-Hawtin Tennis Academy offers world-class coaching on Kiawah Island at the newly-renovated Roy Barth Tennis Center. Continuing Roy Barth’s legacy, Academy Directors Jonathan Barth and Bruce Hawtin have more than 30 years of experience developing world-class tennis players.

At Barth-Hawtin, our coaching focus enhances each player’s fundamental base, while linking the tactical components. We take an individual approach with each player, having a personal coach responsible for overseeing their development. Our development plans are long-term, focusing on the process first, and the results down the road. Goals and milestones are set and monitored, keeping everyone accountable.

Players’ physical training is highly prioritized to build stronger, more developed athletes. All aspects of a player’s physicality are tested and monitored, making sure all athletes are getting what they need. Each player follows their own individual plan based on their needs. Our strength and conditioning partner, Mark Kovacs, oversees our athletes with the help of a full time trainer.

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Resort Savings
Once registered for the Barth-Hawtin Tennis Academy, our students and their families will receive a 10% savings on their villa or home rental.
Subject to availability.
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