The Barth Tennis Academy

Offered every week of the summer season, the Barth Tennis Academy offers individual attention to help junior players maximize their playing potential—giving them their best opportunity to succeed at state, sectional and national level tournaments as well as preparing them for college tennis. Each player will receive a combination of play-action drills, technical evaluation, conditioning and match play as well as a summary evaluation of their strengths and weaknesses—and specifics on how to improve moving forward—by the completion of their weeklong training session.

Call 843.768.2706 for more details or to reserve your junior player’s space in the Barth Tennis Academy.

Resort Savings
Once registered for the Barth Tennis Academy, our students and their families will receive a 15% discount on their villa or home rental.
Subject to availability.
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“The structure of the tennis pros was wonderful. We loved the pro doubles game on Monday night.”
–Uhl  |  Sparkill, NY

“The clay tennis courts were beloved by my husband and son.”
–Deege  |  Herndon, VA