How to see your friends and family in action!

Night Heron Park provides an exceptional spectator friendly venue with many vantage points all within an easy walk. For the safety of athletes, we ask that spectators remain off all roads and bike paths throughout the race course, but particularly around Night Heron Park. Please walk and view athletes from grassy open spaces. Spectator bikes are prohibited on the entire course.

Best Spots to Cheer

Swim Start: Front beach just north of the Sanctuary Hotel and Boardwalk 27
Swim Exit: Front beach at Boardwalk 18, adjacent to Night Heron Park
Bike Mile 17: Kiawah Island Parkway adjacent to Night Heron Park
Bike Mile 25.5: Eugenia Ave and Fiddlers Reach
Bike Finish: Sea Forest Drive adjacent to Night Heron Park
Run Mile .2: Sea Forest Drive adjacent to Night Heron Park
Race Finish: Center of Night Heron Park, near stage


Our Triathlon has ample opportunity for volunteers to get involved in the action. Volunteers are always needed and appreciated. Volunteer as a group to raise money for a non-profit organization. For information regarding volunteering for our 2016 race, email Race Volunteer.

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