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The Atlantic Room Drink Menu

Thank you for choosing The Atlantic Room at The Ocean Course, we hope that you will find both our food and wine offerings to your liking, a lot of time and passion are spent developing both.

The focus of this wine list is to provide a great deal of variety and showcasing both the established names as well as off the beaten path wines; as a seafood restaurant we pay special attention to our white wines selection and you will be able to find many interesting grape varietals to complement and enhance your dining experience. Feel free to consult your server or ask for the sommelier should you need any assistance navigating the list.

For ease of use we have created a “Sommelier’s Picks” section that highlights some wines we consider to be of particular interest due to their combination of great quality and unique characters.We go to great lengths to ensure that it is as accurate as possible however, due to the very finite nature of wine and to the fact that a lot of the wines on this list are artisanal products made in very limited quantities, some wines may be unavailable and/or some vintages may change.

We hope to be able to help you find the perfect bottle for your evening.

The Staff of The Atlantic Room

This is how brisket is meant to be prepared. When you claim the best Mac and Cheese, you better deliver. They did.
–Will K. | Cherrywood BBQ & Ale House

“Absolutely incredible place. Between the mind blowing food that will never stop surprising you, to the amazing staff that works day in and out to run an incredible establishement. YOU CAN’T GO WRONG!”
–Devin S.