How to Hold a Successful Corporate Meeting in South Carolina

Hold a successful event at Mingo Point at Kiawah Island

Delegate to those who know: let us help plan your event.

The best part of a successful corporate meeting in South Carolina is not the organization: it’s savoring a job well done, creating meaningful space for discussion within your organization and reflecting on meetings that were actually useful. Get help with the tricky parts of planning and running your event smoothly and focus on what a successful meeting would look like for your company.

There’s never any shame in asking for a little bit of assistance, and our staff has years of experience putting on every scale of event — the Sanctuary itself is turning ten this year — and we hope our attention to detail is evident and can be made useful.

We offer multiple configurations of rooms, all kinds of team-building activities, corporate merchandise, group accommodations and a myriad of catering options – enough variations to customize the perfect meeting, no matter your desired outcome.

The first tip? Plan early. South Carolina is beautiful year-round, and we book up quite quickly, so if you’re beginning to plan corporate events for this fall or winter call us now to run through a few options. Marty Couch, our Director of Group Sales, can get you the information you need to begin making decisions.

If you’re looking to create a board meeting, corporate retreat, or other big corporate event this winter, consider booking between December 15, 2014 and January 28, 2015, as we have a special offer available.

Between meetings, allow for unstructured but productive time.

To get the most out of any meeting, a solid, actionable agenda is a must. But for an event lasting longer than a few hours, you need to allow time to both recharge and take more ‘productive’ breaks between meetings to let your attendees deal with anything that’s come up.

Perhaps a direct report back at the office is asking for some guidance, and a quick phone call while in ‘down’ time will allow your managers to more effectively focus on the issues there (and get them back on track more quickly once you return to the board room).

Multi-tasking can be useful, but if one of your attendees is splitting their attention between a booming email or messaging inbox and your presentation, they aren’t getting the most out of either situation.

When all of us carry our office in our pocket, you’re going to want to give people time to address anything important that’s come up on their phones without splitting their attention between your (much more riveting) presentation or brainstorming session, and whatever’s come up.

Build a phone stack.

Of course, the extreme solution would be to have everyone turn off their phones – which isn’t likely to happen. For short meetings requiring intense concentration, however, you can turn it into a game.

In social situations (such as dining out at a restaurant) you may be familiar with the “phone stack” game. Everyone at the table places their phone in the center, face down, on silent or vibrate. The first person who can’t resist checking their phone has to pick up the tab – unless their wife is in labor or they’re a doctor on call, there’s no excuse not to focus on the conversation and people you’re enjoying the evening with.

Try a similar game in appropriate meetings: when you need more focus from your attendees and they can afford to ignore their phone for an hour. We can supply notebooks and whiteboards, whatever stationery is necessary to help you be productive.

Our audiovisual team will work with you to make sure you have the right technology to focus on getting done what you need to do – without being distracted.

(Hint? Part of that package between December 15, 2014, and January 28, 2015 is 20% off audiovisual services.)

Of course, instead of picking up a restaurant tab, maybe the person who ‘breaks’ gets a boost to their unofficial handicap when you’re on one of our courses later that day, or they’re buying the first round at the clubhouse.

Both are low-stakes penalties (depending on the size of the round!) but they apply enough social pressure to ensure that participants focus on the task at hand during your meetings.

Use the outdoors to your advantage.

Simply because you’ve rented a (fabulously well-appointed, complimentary if you’ve taken advantage of our promotion) meeting or conference room doesn’t mean you have to spend all of your time there.

The logistics of walking meetings for 200+ may not work out very well, but small break-out sessions, internal team check-ins, and smaller gatherings can be had while stepping out to one of our verandahs or down one of our paths to take in sweeping Lowcountry views unique to South Carolina. If having a ‘green’ meeting is important to you, we’re well situated as stewards of Kiawah, in more ways than one.

Team-building events can truly take advantage of the beauty of Kiawah. We’ve hosted a number of creative team-building events over the years – everything from island-wide scavenger hunts and kayaking adventures to wine tastings and nature hikes. We can plan something that will suit your corporate culture and contribute to the success of your meeting.

Don’t forget to relax and celebrate productivity.

Recharge between difficult sessions, and celebrate productive meetings, with a round of golf. We have five championship courses, so it’s not as though you’ll run out of holes to play or relaxing activities when you take advantage of our group accommodations. Perhaps you’ll find your time out on the green is just as productive as your meetings.

Of course, no celebration of excellent meetings would be complete without raising a toast. For your wrap up, we can arrange any kind of dining experience from a Lowcountry lobster roast and Bar-B-Que to a high-style fine dining extravaganza. Cheers to that.

If you’re interested, get in touch with Marty Couch, Director of Group Sales, by calling 843.768.2886 or emailing Again, book your event early – and consider taking advantage of this promotion (LINK) by booking your corporate event between December 15, 2014 and January 28, 2015.