Flash Back Friday: Dining through the decade

#FlashBackFriday: Dining through the decade

As the 10th Anniversary of The Sanctuary approaches we flashback at all of the achievements and milestones that the hotel has celebrated as a team and we consider ourselves very privileged to have been the host to so many of the anniversaries and celebrations of our guests and neighbors.  We are grateful you chose to spend so many special, joyous, exciting and happy occasions here with us! Thank you for inviting us into our lives.

Cheers! Weekend of Jazz, 2013

Recently, we reached out to hear from you about some of your favorite past experiences while dining through the decade here at The Sanctuary. Whether you had been celebrating a birthday, anniversary, retirement, golf game or maybe you were visiting for a family vacation or on a business trip or even in the hotel for one of our extravagant holiday celebrations… we wanted to hear your story.

And so, on this 10th Anniversary we’ve chosen 10 great celebrations you’ve shared with us-

1. Shawn C. Carpenter– 1st Anniversary at The Ocean Room

The Carpenterss
The Carpenter’s 1st Anniversary at The Ocean Room

2.  Julie Swenson Bishop – A special dessert for our 10th wedding anniversary in 2012 at Jasmine Porch. We are from Virginia, as was our waiter, who secretly had your chefs put together this delicious creation!

Surprise cheese plate at Jasmine Porch
Surprise cheese plate at Jasmine Porch

3. Back in August of 2006, Happy JLR wrote on Tripadvisor: This was our second trip to The Sanctuary, and each time has been wonderful. My fiancé took me there to get engaged in May of 2005 and we went back for a friend’s wedding in June 2006. The views of the ocean and golf course were beautiful, and we love the service in the Club Lounge. We love the Jasmine Porch and Ocean Room, the pool and the Spa. The turn down service in the evenings is also quite special. We love the comfort of the bed and linens, and the bathroom is a very generous size. We plan to return every year to celebrate our engagement, and I’m already looking forward to our next visit.  I definitely suggest booking a corner room, and try the Jasmine Porch for the breakfast buffet. Lionel makes a wonderful omelet!

4. Big World Little Eyes Travel, LLC– A few years ago, we stayed with you and had remarkably wonderful dinners at Jasmine Porch and Turtle Point. Kate had just learned she had celiac disease and was worried about restaurant dining. Both Jasmine Porch and Turtle Point delivered flawless, delicious, fabulous dinners with professionalism and grace that made Kate feel comfortable rather than anxious. The experience was that much more remarkable because Turtle Point is a pasta restaurant! The server never even blinked and explained it was not a big deal because the kitchen keeps on hand gluten-free pasta. Your commitment to detail and true, easy charm set Kate at ease….which was a luxury at the time and the hallmark of a truly fine dining establishment. It helped Kate see she would not have to give up fine dining. We know that this is not your typical anniversary/birthday/engagement special occasion story, but for those people who struggle finding good restaurants without gluten, it was a remarkable and wonderful experience for us. Many thanks!

Special note from the culinary team: The flavors of Kiawah are chef driven and locally inspired. Whenever you dine, you’ll find creative menus showcasing seasonal ingredients from the Lowcountry’s farmers and fishermen. With understanding the importance in today’s rise in healthy eating, Kiawah’s culinary team is prepared to cater to all palates by providing vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options. Our qualified chefs will accommodate special dietary restrictions and provide a list of menu options or alternatives available to you. *We highly encourage those with extreme dietary restrictions to contact us prior to your dining reservation so we may ensure true satisfaction while visiting Kiawah.

And now… back to the stories!

5. Lynn Minikel In November 2008, my sister and I surprised our parents with a truly decadent 40th Anniversary dinner at Jasmine Porch: complete from champagne cocktails to a fabulous dessert presentation. We return to Jasmine Porch several times each year when we are on Kiawah to enjoy the incredible fresh seafood dishes and excellent wine. My dad is lactose intolerant and the chef and staff always have great options for him. We have now also added a new tradition of enjoying pre- or post-dinner cocktails in the Lobby Bar. Thank you all for always delivering an amazing dining experience—it is our favorite on Kiawah!

40th Anniversary dinner
40th Anniversary dinner at Jasmine Porch


6. Gene King- There is some very creative chefs. This is my favorite.

Chefs of The Sanctuary
Chefs of The Sanctuary (plus Chef Jonathan Banta) post Gourmet & Grapes 2014


7. Fran Capretta Stern- Easy… Jasmine Porch with my family last August…our favorite meal!!

Mr. Obert Thompson of Jasmine Porch- 2009
Mr. Obert Thompson of Jasmine Porch- 2009


8. Robert Bass-  Had dinner at the Ocean Room last New Year’s Eve with great friends. Stayed at The Sanctuary in a beautiful room with a great view. The level of service was extraordinary and helped us realize the night we all hoped we would have.


New Year's Eve at The Ocean Room
New Year’s Eve at The Ocean Room

9. May of 2014 Julie M Valdosta wrote on tripadvisor: Jermaine made our special day at Loggerhead pool perfect with champagne and a dessert plate that included the most fabulous pineapple dipped in dark chocolate and coconut…sooo sweet! We came back and ate again the next day because the food was so yummy!

Lunch time at Loggerhead Grill
Lunch time at Loggerhead Grill


10. Angharad Chester-Jones- That picture and that night (referencing a photo on facebook of Chef Charlie Trotter), was definitely hands down one of my most memorable moments! What an honor to have Charlie Trotter at The Ocean Room at The Sanctuary for Gourmet & Grapes and spend the evening with him and his team.


Charlie Trotter at the first annual Gourmet & Grapes in 2009.
Charlie Trotter at the first annual Gourmet & Grapes in 2009.

 “In my tenure at Jasmine Porch I have seen the restaurants evolve throughout the years.  The economic downturn a few years ago had an interesting effect on what we do, especially in the Hotel/Restaurant industry.  Considering all we have been through I can proudly say that The Sanctuary has stuck to its roots and we continue to pride ourselves in offering indigenous lowcountry cuisine,” notes Ryley McGillis, Chef de Cuisine of Jasmine Porch.

Chef Jay and Chef Ryley, Cheers!

Thank you for sharing with us all of these special messages and celebratory occasions. We look forward to another decade of memorable times and new beginnings. Until then, cheers!