Smokin’ Charlie- Blood Orange Cocktail at The Ocean Room

Blood oranges are known for their crimson, blood color flesh and their tart, citrusy flavors. The season is very short for this particular fruit. It typically begins in November/December and the season soon fades out towards early spring. Trying to utilize this delicious fruit in it’s last few weeks of the season, Bartender Lesly Oliver created a blood orange cocktail in The Ocean Room.

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Blood Orange Cocktail Ingredients: blood oranges, jalapeños, agave, tequila and mezcal

“The blood orange season is very short so I try to do as much with them as I can while I have the chance. This season I have made blood-orange cello, blood orange vinegar, and one of my favorite cocktails ever the Smokin’ Charlie,” Lesly reveals.

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The Smokin’ Charlie- garnished with a blood orange slice and jalapeño

“To create the Smokin’ Charlie, I juice blood oranges and cook them with fresh jalapeño and agave syrup. After straining, I add espolon blanco tequila into a mezcal rinsed glass and serve with a beautiful blood orange. The name refers to the mezcal, closely related to tequila, but has a more smokey flavor. They are both made from agave but mezcal is made from Tobala agave in the Oaxaca region. The agave matures for 8-12 years putting this plant and spirit in danger for extinction. The piña or heart of this plant is then cooked in conical pits underground which gives the mezcal it smokey characteristics. The combination of blood oranges, jalapeños, agave, tequila and mezcal is deliciously Smokin’. If you want to enjoy one of these beauties you need to come in soon!”

*Reservations are not needed for The Ocean Room lounge. Hours of operation: Tuesday-Saturday, 5:30pm-10pm.