Bakon Bloody Marys at Southern Kitchen!

Trying to scope out the best Bloody Mary on Kiawah Island? Southern Kitchen has that taken care of hands down. Their new Bakon Bloody Mary’s have just hit the cocktail menu and they’re getting great reviews! Poured into a mason jar and fabricated with a salad medley garnish, along with a thick strip of bacon, this might just be the best Bloody Mary you’ll ever have.

Southern Kitchen's Bakon Bloody Mary
Southern Kitchen’s Bakon Bloody Mary

Southern Kitchen, located in the Straw Market at West Beach is known for serving all-day breakfast. And what goes best with breakfast…Bloody Marys of course! With bacon’s popularity showing no sign of dying down any time soon, Southern Kitchen has hopped on to the bacon bandwagon and have now started using Bakon Vodka in their Bloodys.
Bakon Vodka is made in the Northwest from superior quality potatoes and is column-distilled using a single heating process and infused with savory bacon flavor.

So next time you’ve had one too many at the Ryder Cup Bar or Cherrywood BBQ & Ale House, keep Southern Kitchen’s Bakon Bloody Mary in mind the following morning. There’s nothing like a Bloody Mary to cure that little headache you may be feeling.

Bakon Mary Recipe
Bakon Mary Recipe

Southern Kitchen is the Resort’s Lowcountry Classics Kitchen, serving breakfast ALL day. It is the perfect place to start every day at Kiawah – great for golfers and those not so early risers! Enjoy your favorite country breakfast items featuring specialty omelets, chicken and waffles, biscuits and gravy, and praline French toast, with lighter offerings of fresh fruit and yogurt. Later in the day Southern Kitchen offers salads and sandwiches for lunch, but keeps breakfast going all day long. Open 7am-4pm, daily.