Sustainable Salt Life

When it comes to boosting flavors in your favorite meals, professionals and home chefs alike are very particular about what seasonings to use. Recently, The Ocean Room and Jasmine Porch of The Sanctuary have made a considerable and sustainable switch in their salt. Today, both restaurants are seasoning their dishes with sea salt from Bulls Bay Saltworks.

salt image
Bulls Bay Saltworks featured at The Ocean Room and Jasmine Porch.

Climbing through their website I learned all sorts of things I didn’t know before about salt including how it is made.  Produced in South Carolina, Rustin and Teresa Gooden started a sustainable salt company simply by harvesting water from Bulls Bay, SC (located in Awendaw, SC) located within the protected wilderness area known as Cape Romain National Wildlife Refuge. Rustin and Teresa use solar and wind evaporation to help crystalize the salt then using small powered fans help increase air flow and evaporation. While constantly filtering the water and moving the salt from one tunnel to the next while leaving the final process during the summer to remove all moisture from the salt prior to packaging. This multi-step process brings the Lowcountry some of the best tasting sustainable salt in the area while reducing the carbon footprint.

Image from Bulls Bay Saltworks Facebook of one of their hoops.

Image from Bulls Bay Saltworks

Chef Jason Rheinwald of The Ocean Room is driven to support The Gooden’s and has started finishing all his custom cut prime dishes with Bull Bay Saltworks. Like what you’ve tasted? Take some home with you! Visit Jasmine Porch at The Sanctuary and pick some up before getting on the road.

retail salt
Sustainable salt available at Jasmine Porch for purchase!