Converting Hotel Guests into Apostles

Simon  Vanessa

Dr Simon Hudson is an Endowed Chair in Tourism and Hospitality at the University of South Carolina.  He recently wrote an article for “Hotel Executive” magazine on “Converting Hotel Guests into Apostles.”  He closed the article with this paragraph about service at The Sanctuary at Kiawah Island Golf Resort:

Finally, from the customer’s point of view what is it that turns a hotel guest into an advocate? I recently witnessed this transformation first-hand. I was staying at The Sanctuary on Kiawah Island and was with friends from the UK – Simon and Vanessa Plant – who were visiting us in South Carolina as part of their honeymoon. As we all checked in to the 5-star hotel, the receptionist overheard that this was a very special occasion for the couple, and that night Simon and Vanessa found a wreath of flowers on their bed in the shape of a heart accompanied by complimentary champagne and chocolate strawberries. They were absolutely blown away! They haven’t stopped talking about it since and have even booked to come back next year. Said Vanessa: “When you return home from such a special holiday you ache to have the experience again. You share your experience with friends and family to keep the memories alive. I had no knowledge or expectation of the beauty of the South Carolina coast and the luxury of The Sanctuary. I now want to share that experience with the world.”

Glad to be of service!

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