Kiawah Bobcats

For years our Naturalists have been sharing their sightings and stories of Kiawah Bobcats. In the past couple of years, one special Bobcat (2014 Bobcat 350,aka 2013 bobcat 700) has captured our hearts. Through her frequent traverses of Night Heron Park accompanied with information discovered via her GPS collar, we feel a kinship with this beautiful animal.

 Bobcat face.0

It was one year ago, we shared the story of the birth of her baby girl in the dunes near our park. An amazing surprise given it was spring break on one of the busiest parts of the island. Several months later our Staff Photographer, Jamie Rood, would capture mother and daughter strolling through the windswept villa and up into the beach boardwalk.

As a result of their ongoing bobcat research Town Biologists captured mother and daughter this winter. Mother was refitted with her current GPS collar (#350), but her daughter at 11 pounds and now on her own, was too small to collar.

Bringing us to this past weekend, again spring break at Night Heron Park, Jamie Rood was notified to the presence of a bobcat in the park. Excited, with camera in hand she quickly made her way to the picnic tables. There amongst other park goers, they all sat quietly and watched. Later Jamie would comment, “Our resident female bobcat was spotted in Night Heron Park stalking 2 squirrels. I had the pleasure of being able to watch and photograph as she gracefully hunted for over 20 minutes. She had such patience and focus even knowing I was there she didn’t seem to care. As she moved in closer under the shadows of the trees one of the squirrels finally noticed her and sounded out an alarm. She immediately knew she had been spotted and stood up while at the same time the crows swooped in to drive her away. Her steady walk became a trot and she disappeared into the coverage of the underbrush.”


Bobcat.3 Bobcat.5

The next day we received confirmation from Town Biologists that this was in fact our Bobcat #350. We also learned that our biologists had recaptured her kitten, who now at 13 pounds was fitted with her own GPS collar. We wait anxiously for her travels to be posted on the Town’s website,