Juicing, Mother Nature’s Beet Goes On

I just love this time of year…everything is blooming, the days are longer, the weather is warming up and everyone is finding more and more reasons to be outside! But one of my very favorite parts about spring in Charleston is our Farmer’s Markets! Mother Nature’s beautifully crafted fruits and vegetables are springing up and saturating our city with gorgeous flavors and colors. As all these new fruits and vegetables are being handpicked by our local farmers and brought to us, Bartender Lesly Oliver of The Ocean Room is taking full advantage.

Vegetables from local farm.

Always crafting and introducing new cocktails to The Ocean Room’s beverage menu, Lesly is putting a new squeeze to their list. Under her ‘creative cocktails’ you will find a number of juicetails (Juiced Cocktails) into the mix. Juicing is one of today’s biggest trends in diets and eating habits. For those who are not familiar with this trend, juicing is the process of extracting juice from plant tissues such as fruits or vegetables. Lesly has taken this nutritionally sound concept and integrated spirited concoctions to her menu.

Bartender, Lesly Oliver of The Ocean Room at The Sanctuary.

After looking over this great menu, I asked Lesly what her favorites were… there were quiet a few! So over the next few weeks we’ll be highlighting one beverage at a time. Today, we focus on ‘The Beet Goes On’. “The inspiration of this cocktail is the fresh juices that I actually juice myself each morning,“ notes Lesly.

The Beet Goes On

3 Beets

3 Apples

Bunch of Carrots (use your judgment)

2 Lemons

1 inch Fresh Ginger Root

Note: This will make about 1 quart, refrigerate and use within a few days.


“Fresh juices are powerful and crammed packed with your every day vitamins. Within this beverage you will find a number of natural healers. For example, this beverage focuses on beets, a superfood which are good for blood flow and heart disease. The apples are a great cancer fighting fruit and the carrots are natural skin clearer which help with dry skin and acne,” reports Lesly.

When switching this delicious juiced beverage into a yummy cocktail Lesly adds a few other ingredients. “When preparing ‘The Beet Goes On’ at The Ocean Room I typically start off with a tall glass filled with ice. Then I reach for gin, typically Botanist Dry Gin is what I look for as the herbaceous notes make it a wonderful pouring with this juice blend. Once the ice, gin and juice (see ingredients above) are all added I typically top it off with Blenheim Spicy Ginger beer, mostly for the flavor but also Ginger is an energy inducer and antioxidant I feel it finishes this beverage nicely. Once garnished with a lime curl and beet leaves this powerful ‘juicetail’ is ready to be enjoyed.”

Creative Cocktails at The Ocean Room.

If you found this beverage ‘the cat’s meow’ stay tuned for next week’s beverage that will highlight lavender bitters, strawberries and house made grenadine.