Red Knot

 Red knot banded

While walking on Kiawah’s beach, 9 year old Olivia Davidson, her mom and grandmother came across the remains of a shorebird. Upon closer inspection, they could see that the bird was banded. They brought the bird into the Heron Park Nature Center, where it was identified as a Red Knot (Calidris canutis).

Red Knots are medium-sized shorebirds. This time of year they are in the process of migrating from wintering grounds to the Arctic to breed. These birds may have flown more than 3,000 miles non-stop from South America to reach Kiawah, and are now trying to feed and rest to recover from their long journey. They also need to replenish their energy levels and fat stores so that they can continue another 1,500 or more miles up to the Arctic.

Town Biologists, Jim Jordan and Aaron Given, were able to input the bird’s band number into a database. It revealed that the bird was originally banded on October 24, 2006 in North Brigantine Natural Area, New Jersey. Amazingly, the next siting occurred on April 9, 2010 on Kiawah Island, additional resightings are listed below. Based on the condition of the bird, our Town Biologists believe it was most likely attacked by another bird, such as a Peregrine Falcon. 

Red Knots are an imperiled species and numbers have dropped substantially in the last 20 years. They are currently being evaluated for listing on the Federal Endangered Species List. By reporting this bird band, Olivia and family are helping research scientists across the globe learn more about Red Knots and their amazing migration.
4/9/2010 – Kiawah Island – Mid, South Carolina
10/27/2011 – Avalon, New Jersey
10/31/2011 – Avalon, New Jersey
11/6/2011 – Avalon, New Jersey
11/7/2011 – Avalon, New Jersey 
11/8/2011 – Avalon, New Jersey 
11/8/2011 – Avalon, New Jersey 
11/9/2011 – Avalon, New Jersey 
11/14/2011 – Avalon, New Jersey 
11/15/2011 – Avalon, New Jersey 
11/17/2011 – Avalon – North End, New Jersey 
11/22/2011 – Avalon, New Jersey
10/18/2012 – Stone Harbor Point, New Jersey 
10/25/2012 – Avalon, New Jersey
10/26/2012 – Avalon, New Jersey 
11/5/2012 – Avalon, New Jersey
11/6/2012 – Avalon, New Jersey 
10/16/2013 – Sea Isle City – North end of town, New Jersey