Spring Harvest Offerings at Jasmine Porch

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The north maybe getting a few more inches of snow, but down here on Kiawah Island the spring weather is pushing through! Chef Ryley McGillis and team are ready to celebrate the warmer days with their spring harvest offerings at Jasmine Porch. Below, Chef McGillis walks us through the new menu items with a full description of each dish and what to look forward to!


Tuna Bruschetta- Spring Nicoise, Lowcountry Olive Oil

Tuna BruschettaThis appetizer is light and is a perfect spring offering. The vegetables are fresh and vibrant and the tuna is flavorful and flaky. The tuna (4 oz) is sous vide in olive oil at 110 degrees. It is cooked with various herbs and seasonings. This is served on a house made baguette that is lightly seasoned with our Lowcountry Olive Oil, salt and pepper. The tuna is accompanied by shaved asparagus, watermelon radish, black olives, parsley, peas and a soft boiled egg.


Seared Salmon- Potato Gnocchi, Mint and Sweet Pea Puree, Horseradish Gremolata

Seared SalmonThe colors and flavors of this dish embody what we think of as spring with the bright greens, orange and the fresh bite of the radish. On this dish we have farm raised (6 oz.) Atlantic salmon, mint and sweet pea puree, potato gnocchi, horseradish and lemon gremolata. The plate is then garnished with spring radish and espelette oil.


Golden Tilefish- Jumbo Asparagus, Orange Supreme, Marble Potatoes,  Creme Fraiche

Golden TilefishThis dish is a very clean, spring harvest offering that allows the fresh flavors speak for themselves. Coming from local waters we use seared (6oz) Golden Tilefish along with pieces of jumbo asparagus and marble potatoes. We toss the orange supreme in our local Lowcountry Olive Oil and fine herbs. Everything sits atop of our house made creme fraiche.



Roasted Mahi- Mahi- Braised Octopus and Chickpea Stew, Rocket Arugula, Split Creak Farms Feta Cheese

Roasted Mahi-MahiHere we have a (6oz) piece of Mahi-Mahi Filet which is accompanied with grilled/braised octopus stewed with espelette powder, chickpeas and shallots. Espelette is known for it’s dried red peppers, used whole or ground to a hot powder, used in the production of Bayonne Ham. The peppers are designated as Appellation d’Origine Controlee and are hung to dry outside many of the houses and shops in the village during the summer. The dish is finished with Split Creek Farms Feta and Rocket Arugula. Split Creek Farms is located in Anderson, SC which specializes in Goad Cheese.


Roasted Ashley Farms Chicken- Hoppin John, Collard Greens, Chicken Gravy

Roasted Ashley Farms chickenThis dish is very simple, highlighting flavors of the Lowcountry. The rice and peas offer familiar flavors and the gravy is seasoned with black pepper. We brine our chicken in a simple brine seasoned with lemon and rosemary. Then we roast the chicken whole and break them down, getting two orders per chicken. Then it is seared to order and served with Hoppin John collard greens and chicken gravy. Hoppin John is a Lowcountry staple composed of black eyed peas, Carolina gold rice, onion and bacon. The collard greens are prepared with onion, red wine vinegar and brown sugar.


And last, but not least in our harvest:

Roasted Corn Soup- Early Corn, Coconut Milk and Basil

Roasted Corn SoupOur soup is roasted spring corn (Early Sunglow is the variety of corn we use) which is sous vide with coconut milk, shallots and garlic. the dish is finished with fresh lime juice, basil, espellete and benne seeds. This soup is served hot in a (8oz) bowl.


Join us soon at Jasmine Porch and taste what the spring harvest has in store! Reservations available online at www.kiawahdining.com.

*During the months of March & April when reserving a table on-line, enter the code: SPRINGBLOG in the special notes and receive 10% off your next experience at Jasmine Porch (this offer is not valid on holidays or special events).