Annual Hotel Renovation

While some hotels just use the slow season to do minor repair work, at The Sanctuary, we use a week early each year for our annual hotel renovation.  We close down for close to a full week each January, remove all the furniture and rugs from the common area for repair and cleaning.  We then strip and revarnish the wood floors and seal the tile floors.  Managers from across the resort help with the project, moving furniture, rolling up rugs and generally cleaning all common areas.

First thing to go is the furniture
First thing to go is the furniture

Sanc Refurg-emptying lobby 2

Next, up comes all the carpets:

Sanc Refurg-emptying lobby 6 Sanc Refurg-emptying lobby 3 Sanc Refurg-emptying lobby 4 Sanc Refurg-emptying lobby 5

Now comes the big job of stripping and sanding the floors:

Sanc Refurb 3 Sanc Refurb-lobby sand 2 Sanc Refurb-lobby sand 1 Sanc Refurb 8 Sanc Refurb 7 Sanc Refurb 5 Sanc Refurb 4Now comes the revarnishing to bring it to a brand-new glow!

Sanc Refurb lobby seal2 Sanc Refurb lobby seal 1Once dry, the newly cleaned carpets and furniture is put back in place.  That’s how a hotel that is nearly 10-years-old (happy birthday to the Sanctuary this August!) looks as good as new.

Sanc Refurb finished 1 Sanc Refurb finished 2