Grower Champagnes and Celebrations!

On December 31st we will raise our glasses and celebrate another year that has come and gone. In this celebration we hope for good fortune and peace in the year to come, so why not fill your glass with the best?

Photo courtesy by Andrew Cebulka at 2013 Gourmet & Grapes.
Photo courtesy by Andrew Cebulka at 2013 Gourmet & Grapes.


For those who are setting financial goals in 2014, The Ocean Room has just what you are looking for! Within the extensive 1,000 wine selection menu, Sommelier Garth Herr highlights over 330 bottles of wine for under $100, perfect to please any palate and wallet. “Though our list reaches the $6500 mark for some bottles, we do have a large inventory of fantastic selections from around the world for great value,” remarks Garth.

Looking to add bubbles to your celebration? The Ocean Room carries over 65 sparkling wines to choose from or sample one of the largest collections of Grower Champagnes around. Grower Champagnes (other wise known as ‘artisanal winemaking’) tend to source from a single and closely located vineyard rather than a typical ‘house style’ which can be made year after year. “We focus on these small producers and their distinct and individual styles,” says Garth.  “The Ocean Room also carries 11 different versions of “Special Club” Champagnes.  Considered the elite small production collection, “Special Club” wines are put through rigorous peer evaluation before being deemed worthy to bottle in the groups trademark bottles.” 

 champagne 2

So whether you are joining us to celebrate another year or for a post-holiday date night, let us make your toast special and delicious!

Save this date! Thursday, January 16th The Ocean Room features the first Kiawah Beverage Series dinner and you guessed it, we’ll be highlighting beautiful sparkling wines paired with an unforgettable four course dinner.