Rainbow Row Gingerbread House- The Sanctuary Pastry Creation

As tradition, The Sanctuary Pastry Team has created their annual gingerbread theme to display within the hotel throughout the holidays. In the past we’ve seen coastal displays including Lighthouses, traditional gingerbread houses and even a lively scene giving the insight of what Santa’s Pastry Kitchen might look like days out from the big show! This year, our team has created the historical Rainbow Row Gingerbread House of Downtown Charleston.

Rainbow Row Gingerbread House

“If you look closely and are familiar with our history, there is one detail that gives an idea of what time period it may be,” exclaims Pastry Sous Chef, Robert Brehm, the master mind behind this big project. ” We came up with this theme because it is the heart of Charleston and one of the most recognizable pieces downtown.  The row is painted over and over again and in every studio downtown.  This is a our artist take of Rainbow Row Charleston in Candy Land.  Some details have been skewed but emphasize the candy aspect!”

photo 1
Frame work of the house.

Chef Brehm went on and gave some very specific details about the structure and process of building this beautiful, historical scene. “The Rainbow Row Gingerbread House took over 100 man hours to complete. The cobblestone consist of broken gingerbread, and the side walk is flavored tootsie rolls. The palm trees are hand crafted out of modeling chocolate and have no other structure or support inside.”

Rainbow Row Gingerbread House, work in progress.

 “The gingerbread alone contains over 12 # of butter, 12# of sugar, 16 C or corn syrup, 10 C of milk, 30 pounds of bread flour, and 3 cups of spices. This construction also contains about 15 pounds of candy.”

Sanctuary Pastry Team and finished product!

Hats off to another amazing display and memoriable year for our team. From our family to yours, Happy Holidays!