Chocolate Brownie Dome- Classic Steakhouse Desserts at The Ocean Room

Meet the Chocolate Brownie Dome, our newest creation in The Ocean Room restaurant on our dessert menu! The flavors are reminiscent of   classic steakhouse desserts but taken up a few notches with some flair.

This new dessert was created by our very own Pastry Chef Michael Werrell and here is what Chef shared with me about the concept!

Pastry Chef Michael and our newest chocolate dessert!

“I make 2 chocolate spheres which in the end will form the dome/ globe. Inside the bottom sphere is a fudgy and chewy brownie, chocolate crumble, toasted pecans, brandied cherries, and a quenelle of chocolate sorbet. It gets capped with the second sphere and is brought to the guest as is. In the back I heat up homemade butterscotch and tableside the server/runner will pour the sauce on top causing the chocolate to melt and form a sauce on the plate.

So it becomes entertainment and a show for the guests as well as a great conversation piece thereafter.

I came up with this dessert because classic chocolate brownies were my absolute favorite childhood snack . Its nostalgic for me because I would always make them with my family growing up nearly every week. Again this dessert is a typical representation of me; classic flavors, personal stories, modern techniques, and a bit of flair.”

Please enjoy this clip and ‘entertainment’ of this super decadent dessert in the making!