Scotch, Tots and a Weekend of Jazz!

Attendees of the Earl Klugh’s Weekend of Jazz at The Sanctuary celebrate in many ways; some dance, many sing, and most gather with friends and family… but this group, they celebrate in Tots.

Weekend of Jazz staff in The Ocean Room Lounge

Celebrating its fourth year at The Sanctuary, Earl Klugh and his hard working staff carry on the tradition of their salute to the successful weekend up in The Ocean Room Lounge. Audrey Birnbaum, Director of Operations/Artist Relations and I got a moment to chat about their ritual before the weekend and here is a little insight she was able to shed. “Yes, there is a little back story on ‘Scotch and Tots’ and with our Weekend of Jazz staff – it is a little post-event ritual to share this ‘delicacy combo’ in the Ocean Room Lounge.  We are all friends on the team, and not all of us live in Atlanta, so this time after the event is to celebrate great friendships, a successful event, and the best Tots (& Scotch) combo one could imagine!”

Benton’s Bacon Tots

History of ‘The Tot’-

This childhood favorite side originated in 1953 when Ore-Ida founders were trying to utilize the scraps of cut-up potatoes. When chopped into slivers and by adding flour and seasoning then mashing, these ‘scraps’ form the perfect consistency for a soon to be deep-fried treat.

Chef Jason of The Ocean Room got in on the discussion of the beloved tot. “We are using Benton’s bacon from Tennessee, a small production smokehouse,” he said. “We serve it with our buttermilk-scallion dressing and pickled vegetables. These tots paired with some perfectly aged Scotch makes for a tasty treat we are proud to serve our WOJ guests and fans.”


Until 2014, cheers to you all!

 Since 2004, Earl Klugh has been bringing world-renowned artists together with jazz enthusiasts for his one-of-a-kind weekend getaways at 2 Five-Star, Five-Diamond properties; The Broadmoor in Colorado Springs, and The Sanctuary at Kiawah Island, South Carolina.

*Photographic memories found in this blog were captured by the talented Michael Cyra.