Thanksgiving Sand Sculpting

Thanksgiving Sandsculpting 1

Every Thanksgiving Day, families and friends gather on the beautiful sandy beach of Kiawah Island Golf Resort to engage in some good old-fashioned competition. Could this event be the annual Turkey Trot on Kiawah Island? It could be, but not this time. I am referring to what follows the Turkey Trot every year: The Family Thanksgiving Sand Sculpting Competition. The only thing that could make that Thanksgiving dinner better is a sweet victory for the entire family. The race has been run, and now it’s time to get those hands dirty or, in this case, sandy. We have compiled a list of Sand Sculpting 101 tips to prepare you for this year’s competition of sandy masterpieces.

First, you have to make a plan. While “just winging it” can be a fun time, don’t forget what is at stake here; prizes for best theme, best holiday theme, most creative, and nature. So gather your family together and start the brainstorming process. Once you have stormed your brain to its limit, draw up some ideas so that everyone is on the same page. With your idea agreed upon and drawn up, next you’ll want to assign each team member their tasks for the sculpting itself. While making your plan, be sure that you are prepared with the appropriate sand sculpting tools. As time ticks on and the days leading up to the big sculpting competition dwindle, make sure you are conditioning your muscles so you are prepared to quickly sculpt the sand. After all, you only have an hour and a half to transform your idea into a 3-D larger-than-life work of art!

Thanksgiving Sandsculpting 2

As the big day approaches, make sure all of your sandsculpting tools are packed and ready to go. Tools will not be provided, so don’t leave yours behind! Shovels, hand rakes and buckets are some of the basic tools needed for successful sandsculpting. However, for more elaborate designs you may want to invest in better tools.  Once you are all packed and ready, have yourself a relaxing evening to prepare yourself for the impending competition.

Thanksgiving Day has finally arrived, and your team is ready to win. First things first, jump start your morning with a nice healthy breakfast– ya don’t want to get hungry out there! You won’t find the kind of “sandwich” you want to be munching on out there. After your energizing breakfast, gather the family for some stretches so that everyone’s arms and legs are prepared for some heavy lifting and intense sculpting. Once the clock strikes 11am, the competition has officially begun! Depending on your team design, some team members may need to wait for another team member to complete their tasks before starting their own. During this time they should be helping out their teammates in any way possible, whether that means staying out of the way, cheering them on, or perhaps providing the team with some water.

Thanksgiving Sandsculpting 3

Make sure you and your team are staying motivated throughout the time of the sand sculpting competition! It’s important to keep spirits up during any competitive environment. Cheer each other on, take a quick second to refresh, but don’t worry about your competitors…If you are looking around at your competitors it will slow you down and may get you worried for no reason! There are multiple categories that you can win so only focus on your creation! Most importantly, you want to have fun!!

Once the winners have been announced, the turkey dinner has been eaten and you’ve cheered your favorite football team on, head over to Night Heron Park for the Fall Festival. A bluegrass band will be pick’in away, and many crowd favorites will be waiting for you and your family, including an inflatable jump castle, the crazy train and more! Thirsty for more competition? More family friendly competitions will be held throughout the festival to quench that thirst.

A final thing to keep in mind regarding the Sandsculpting Contest: Yes, this is a competition, but we really want you to have fun and enjoy this time with your family! Keep everyone involved and all attitudes positive. GOOD LUCK!