Kiawah’s Chefs Have Lunch with Charleston Legend, Sidi Limehouse

Kiawah’s chefs have lunch with Farmer, Sidi Limehouse – a legend in Charleston, especially to our local chefs and kitchen teams.  Limehouse Produce extended an invitation to lunch with Sidi to some of our very own chefs on the island (Jonathan Banta of The Atlantic Room, Ryley McGillis of Jasmine Porch, Jason Rheinwald of The Ocean Room and Matthew Fitzgerald of Sanctuary Banquets), as well as other rising chefs of the Lowcountry.  The opportunity for kitchen teams and farmers to meet does not happen very often.

Sidi LimehouseSidi Limehouse speaking to local Chefs on his farm

On Wednesday, September 25th, our chefs had the privilege of meeting with Sidi to tour his 75 acres of fertile soil and enjoy a family-style lunch in his barn catered by Rosebank Café.  This one-on-one intimate time with farmers is rare, especially farmers like Sidi Limehouse.  Sidi is one of the original pioneers of the Lowcountry in regards to farming and local produce.  He has such an enormous passion for the industry.  Being a Johns Island native, Sidi holds Kiawah Island very close to his heart and enjoys getting to know our Island’s Chefs.  Our chefs had the chance to talk about their needs for produce, their thoughts on the future of their restaurants and the Charleston culinary scene, as well as ask questions.

Limehouse Farm

Photo taken from the bed of a pickup truck touring Limehouse Farm.

Next time you are visiting Kiawah and dining at our outlets, you will now have some background knowledge on where the produce you are eating comes from.  Our resort takes pride in buying and eating local.  There is such a high demand for fresh, local food these days and we are cultivating, growing and sustaining the Lowcountry economy daily.  Not only do our outlets get produce from Limehouse Farm, we also partner with Rosebank Farms and Ambrose Farms and get our fresh catch from Cherry Point on our neighboring Wadmalaw Island to name a few.

Our resort’s chefs are taking advantage of the networking lunch they had with Sidi and running with it!  They are in the beginning stages of planning a dinner at Limehouse Farm sometime mid-November.  Be sure to check back for more information if you’d like a local, homegrown feast.