Sharing Kiawah Food Photos with Friends

We are all guilty of it, before diving into that first bite we reach for our smart phones, snap a quick pic and post… hoping for well received feedback in jealousy on what we are about to partake in. With programs such as Instagram, Cinemagram or Snapchat to help us boost our ‘average joe’ photo, we all become amateur photographers in a quick click of a few buttons. But before started sharing photos on social media, I got some expert advice from a profession.

Recently a good friend of Kiawah Island Golf Resort’s, Mr. Kevin Foltz was on property for a number of photo shoots for upcoming publications and advertisements.

Loggerhead-Grill Food Photoshoot
Kevin capturing the beautiful Loggerhead Bar & Grill at The Sanctuary.

After a long morning shoot, Kevin and a few of us got a chance to sit down over nachos and guacamole and talk about some of the newest technology out there that is becoming the leading force of still photography. With everyone having smart phones these days it makes sharing experiences like an intimate dinner out a social event.

“Sometimes the dining experience is as much about the location as it is about the food,” Kevin expressed. “When photographing in such a beautiful location as Loggerhead, I like to incorporate the surroundings into the image while letting the food be the focal point of the photograph.”

So, the next time you are about to enjoy a delicious meal on Kiawah Island Golf Resort make sure to zoom out before snapping that photo and capture the surroundings along with that mouth watering dish. Oh, and don’t forgot to tag and share it with us! We love to witness our guests experiencing the true wonders of the island.