Sunday Football Frenzy in The Sanctuary Lobby Bar!

That’s right; it’s that time of year again…. Sundays equal Football. The time of year pig skin fans go nuts over! And while staying at Kiawah, visit The Sanctuary’s Lobby Bar and stay a while as we have a few new additions.

Sunday Football TVs
Sunday Football in The Sanctuary Lobby Bar

Sunday football?  We are no longer just sporting one television — now The Lobby Bar features a fleet of TVs making possible the opportunity to watch all of your favorite teams while in the luxury of The Sanctuary. Stay tuned, as there is some talk of the bringing the NFL package on board for that ultimate experience.

Once you take your seat either in our plush leather couches or your favorite bar stool make sure you order a Lagunitas- Little Sumpin’ in a frosty pint.

Sunday Football Food
Sunday Football means great burgers and beer

Lagunitas- Little Sumpin’ is a true beer lover’s kind of brew. This hoppy beer hales from Northern California and gives off a smooth, silky finish… the kind of beer you’ll want to share with your friends.  Scoring an ‘outstanding’ rate of 94 out of 100 on the BeerAdvocate Overall Score (BOS) ranks this a ‘must try’. To understand this scoring system, its purpose is to help provide consumers with a quick reference when comparing one beer to another. In order to receive a BOS a beer must have 10 or more reviews.

Little Sumpin’ is a summer feature which is available year round, ‘giving a little something’ for everyone with its 7.50% ABV. The only thing that would make this beverage any better on a perfect fall afternoon with the big game on, than our Lobby Bar Signature Burger. “This burger is composed of house ground chuck, which is accompanied by black truffle aioli, Palmetto Lager battered onion rings, seared foie gras, aged cheddar and then we place it between a fresh-baked house made burger buns. We offer this with herbed-steak fries. If you didn’t know I have a severe obsession with the Florida State Seminoles,” Chef Ryley McGillis confesses.  “I also am very superstitious.  Before every game I must eat a substantial burger and consume one of my favorite beers, Lagunitas.”

Cheers to all you football fans, we’ll save you a seat at The Lobby Bar!