Celebrate National Smores Day this Saturday, August 10, 2013!

Picture this, milk chocolate melted on a graham cracker which is hugging a toasted, gooey marshmallow … makes for a very good moment for all senses!  Can you say Smores!?!

Kid with s'more

In celebration of Saturday’s National Smores Day, our pastry chefs encourage you to come and indulge at Jasmine Porch and make sure to leave room for a piece of their Summer Smore version-  The Smore Pie!

s'more pie

The Sanctuary’s Assistant Pastry Chef, Robyn Luckhaus describes this beautiful creation as it has been constructed with “milk chocolate mousse and studded with mini marshmallows, layered on top a graham mousse in a graham cracker shell.  To top it off we’ve bruleed marshmallows and chocolate shavings as we feel it is very aesthetically pleasing.” Imagine biting into a perfectly cooled s’more with decadent chocolate and whipped marshmallow with a hint of peanut butter. This multi-layed dessert is sure to fancy any palate!

pie with slice

Don’t let this National ‘Culinary Holiday’ pass you buy without indulging into a childhood favorite treat Jasmine Porch.