One Pop Tab at a Time!

To some of you this might be just a regular pop tab or a reminder of a delicious cold beverage you’ve just enjoyed on the beach. But to many others, it is a symbol of support and hope for a better and easier tomorrow:


pop tab

Back in July 2011, I challenged Kiawah Island Golf Resort employees with a friendly competition between departments of who could collect the most pop tabs in a year’s time. Each department who was interested in joining was provided a container and notified to contact me directly when the container needed to be emptied. Things started off quick when one department filled their container in a day’s time! A few months went by and I was traveling the island, emptying containers from multiple departments. April of 2012 hit and I was asked by the Accounting team to come empty their ‘container’ and to my surprise…. This is what I walked into:

 Pull Tab accounting team 2012

A 5 gallon water jug filled to the brim of pop tabs! Well, you might not believe this but… they’ve done it again! Just the other day, I collected Accounting’s second 5 gallon water jug full of pop tabs!

 Pull top 1

Some of you might be asking… what’s with all the tabs?! Well, Ronald McDonald House of Charleston raises money by collecting the metal pop tabs from canned beverages. Every time their designated receptacle is filled with tabs, the city of Charleston collects it for recycling and donates $1,000 to the house which is then used for supplies, bills, upkeep of the house…etc. We at Kiawah Island feel that this very small contribution, just one single pop tab at a time, does go a long way.