Steak & Potatoes

When you think of The Ocean Room at The Sanctuary what comes to mind; fine dining, elegant, luxurious, picturesque… but how about when you start describing the food? Do you think of Dry/Wet Aged Beef or Masami Wagyu at a 10 plus marble score? Some may think I am speaking in another language, but I am talking about our new ‘steak program’ Sous Chef Jason Rheinwald is amping up in the kitchen. As many of you know, The Ocean Room is Kiawah Island Golf Resort’s premier steakhouse- the only steakhouse in the US to earn both Forbes Four Star and AAA Four Diamond ratings. A steakhouse of that caliber should only offer the best cut of beef one could find.

steak and potatoes

So, we are getting back to our routes and with Executive Chef, Brendon Bashford’s charge, The Ocean Room kitchen steps outside the box. When we talk about Wet Aged beef we are talking about beef that has been vacuum-sealed to retain moisture and nutrients. This style of preserving the beef is becoming more popular as it takes less time than typical Dry Aging. The Ocean Room also dips into Dry Aging-beef… a 15-28 day process. Dry Aging is the process which takes place after the meat has been cleaned, large sections (i.e. premium cuts such as strip loins, rib eyes, and sirloins) have been hung for several weeks creating a more tender and flavorful beef.

Ok, so we have a good hand on Dry/Wet Aged beef… now we take a quick look at a small, but powerful 6oz steak on the menu- Wagyu Manhattan Cut. Wagyu (a Japanese cow) produces a famous and intense marbling effect, such as this image which was taken recently in the kitchen:


Odds are, this Manhattan cut was bred with other cattle, such as Angus which differ from Japanese cattle and was possibly brought up on a diet or corn, alfalfa, barley and wheat straw.

In addition to our upgraded steak program, our traditional steak fries are back on the menu! So the next time you have a hankering for top quality beef and pure truffled steak fries, make The Ocean Room your destination!  The best Steak & Potatoes in the land.