Welcome to Underberg!

We are all guilty of it… the uncomfortable, about-to-burst sensation that develops deep in your gut after over-indulging at our favorite restaurants. I am here to introduce you to a little post-meal cure … I give you Underberg.


Produced in Germany, Underberg is a natural herbal digestive. Its aromatic herbs from 43 countries provide a digestive aid containing naturally existing vitamin B1, protein, antioxidants and sugar (i.e. fructose).  This digestif is suitable for diabetics, free of added sugars, and is gluten free.

Only available in small one portion bottles, Underberg is great right after your meal or, if you have over imbibed in beverages, it’s a great morning after hang over cure. “It’s flavor is quite intense showing notes of clove, cinnamon and anise,” exclaims Garth Herr, The Ocean Room Sommelier. “Just take it down in one quick sip and wait for the flavors to develop.  Then when all that intensity passes, you suddenly feel fresh and new!”

So, next time you are in The Ocean Room and you’ve over-satisfied your palate, remember to ask Gregg to unwrap a bottle of Underberg.