Summer in the South = Okra

Southerners have their favorites… Chitlins, Collard Greens, Grits and of course Okra!  Originating from its African birth, this little plant (member of the mallow family, similar to hollyhock and the cotton plant) get’s its street cred here in the south as it grows best in warmer climates making it available year round with summer being its true season to shine. Here at Kiawah Island, SC our chefs have gotten their hands on a fresh batch from our neighborhood Farm- Rosebank Farms, SC.


 Chef Ryley McGillis of Jasmine Porch has incorporated this summer crop in a number of his new seasonal dishes.


Okra-Buffalo Alligator Tail
Buffalo Alligator Tail

Roasted Atlantic Salmon
Roasted Atlantic Salmon

John’s Island Gazpacho

Cucumber, Sweet Peppers, Okra and Corn Salad

Buffalo Alligator Tail

Celery, Carrot & Chile Escabeche, Smoked Blue Cheese, Crispy Okra


Roasted Atlantic Salmon

Corn, Tomatoes, Okra, Tasso Ham, Carolina Gold Rice, Spiced Crawfish Broth

Loggerhead Grill, another fan of okra utilizes this ingredient as their key component in Chef Curtis Clark’s gumbo which is featured periodically at our Seaside Buffet on Friday evenings.