Father’s Day on Kiawah Island – Inshore Fishing


By, Grace Cleworth, KIGR Recreation Administrative Assistant

It is the question that looms over my head each year at the middle of June. What Father’s Day gift can I possibly get for a dad that’s given me way more in life that money can ever buy?!  After years of dealing with 2 daughters with endless support, kind words, and compassion, there never seems like much that would possibly repay him appropriately. Sure the typical gift ideas always run through my head- grill tools, golf shirt, case of beer;  but for a man that has worn the same cologne since marrying my mother over 25 years ago, he is pretty well set in his ways. I find it hard to walk in a store and compare any of the items to the time it took us to look at colleges, the hours of driving back and forth to sports practices, or the huge heart that was always available for a chat through the good times and bad.  Maybe a perfectly tailored shirt? Seems like hardly enough to cover the backbone of our family.

When I found out that my dad, mom, and sister would be making the drive up to Charleston for Father’s Day weekend last year, I was thrilled. Living in different states and juggling everyone’s work schedules usually makes it difficult to be together on holiday weekends. Then comes the typical stress of the family visit- where should we eat, what can we do, what do you do when you’re not working?! Gulp! Fortunately, it didn’t take too long to draw up the perfect Father’s Day adventure- my sister and I would re-pay my dad for all of the shopping trips, the times he started the car early to get the air conditioning running, the cell phone bills (well, we may be forever in debt for those) ; we decided to take our dad Inshore Fishing in the Kiawah River.

He was thrilled at the idea; it was something he always wanted to do with us. Even though the fish “bite” was a little slow that day, being on the water was anything far from a perfect way to spend the day. Being able to share the beauty and tranquility of the area I am so lucky to be able to work at everyday was truly worth the trip in itself. Captain John worked tirelessly to put us on the fish, and the look of excitement on my dad’s face when the rod furiously bent while we talked and floated in the middle of the River was priceless. He took the rod and fought the fish for a good amount of time before Captain John helped get the almost 20lb shark into the boat. Though we knew what a strong and merciless guy our dad was, my sister and I couldn’t have been more impressed.

As luck would have it, I’ll be fortunate enough to be with my family again this Father’s Day. To make my life even easier, my sister and I have already agreed to what we’ll get dad for Father’s Day. No trouble thinking of the perfect gift this year; we already have our tradition in the making.