BBQ Season, Anyone?

Jasmine Porch is celebrating the start of the summer season as they release their new hidden secret… Spiced Peach BBQ Sauce. With its rich spiced flavors and smooth finish, this BBQ Sauce is a sure kitchen staple all season long! When Chef Ryley was asked about his sauce his eyes lit up, “our spiced peach barbeque was created in 2004 and was an immediate staple accompaniment to the cuisine in Jasmine Porch.  Our guests requested so many samples of it to take home that we had no choice but to bottle and sell it!


This in-house creation has inspired a number of new dishes soon to be released on Jasmine Porch’s summer menu. One dish to be on the lookout for is the Moonshine Pork Chop with Early Summer Ratatouille and Smokey Grilled Corn Grits. This is a double cut bone in pork chop that has been marinated in Heirloom Moonshine and local Charleston olive oil, salt, and cracked black pepper. Served with an early tomato, and sunburst squash ratatouille, quickly sautéed with fresh local herbs, and finished with local stone ground grits, with house smoked bacon, and South Carolina grilled corn.


 “The motivation behind this dish was to create almost a strictly southern concept behind this entrée,” Sous Chef John Hoffman speaks about this beautiful summer dish with excitement. “We started with a double cut bone in pork chop that has been marinated with some Fire Fly Moonshine made right here in the Palmetto state, and olive oil that is local to Charleston. We choose the bone in pork chop, because in most households this is a staple in any southern kitchen. From there we sourced some of the freshest and most local tomatoes, as well as local Sunburst Squash, and local spring onions to create Jasmine’s version of Ratatoulluie. This dish is classily braised for hours, but to lighten the dish up a little bit we have just put a quick sauté and season on the vegetables, so they retain not only the beautiful colors, but there freshness as well. The dish is then simply finished with yet another southern staple. GRITS. These are local grits that have been cooked with our house cured Bacon.”