Garden Fresh!

If you like Italian food that’s fresh and chef inspired, Tomasso at the Turtle Point Golf Course is the place to go.   Tomasso has recently planted a beautiful produce garden including 6-7 different varieties of tomatoes, eggplant, and several varieties of herbs. This new garden was the idea of head Chef Nick Hunter and his delightful four year old daughter Grace.

Tomassos photo 1

As we walked through the garden Chef Nick explained in wonderful detail his vision of the garden and what he hoped to accomplish. Little Grace was so excited to show off all the hard work she had done, she forgot that it was past her nap time.  So yawning all the way, hand in hand with her father, she explained her thoughts on the garden. Very similar to her Dad’s but more focused on how the caterpillars were doing (a Kiawah Naturalist in the making).

Tomossos photo 2


Chef Nick explained how these tomato plants would produce enough tomatoes to last them a couple months! The fresh produce will be used in their daily specials and on special occasions to bring fresh to a whole new level. What makes this garden even more beautiful is that it is made through teamwork. All the planning was a collaboration of different departments on the island all with the same goal in mind, to bring fresh, local produce to the table. The staff at Tomasso helps out as well, weeding, watering and pruning the plants. So as you wine and dine at Tomasso just look out the window at the beautiful tomato garden and back at your plate. It doesn’t get any fresher or more sustainable than that.