Dive-In Movie


One of my most favorite memories as a kid is going to the drive-in movies. We’d all get packet up with our favorite lawn chairs, blankets and flash lights. Mom would be gathering up snacks and popping popcorn for the movie. We’d all pile into the car and head to this large open field where hundreds of families were out for the same cinematic adventure as we were. Dusk settled in and just as the stars were coming out and with a click of the projector, our evening of excitement was about to begin.

Loggerhead Grill at The Sanctuary makes a splash with their rendition of ‘The Drive-In Movies’.  Families of all ages are welcomed to attend the weekly Dive-In Movie event held throughout the summer. Instead of sitting in your vehicle or lawn chair in a big open field, we’ve opened our pool and chairs to all visiting guests and islanders to come splash around or lounge as you create your own childhood memory of true cinematic adventures under the stars.

Movie Listing

 Movie-Evening shot