Go Back to Your Roots this Spring: Native plants!

The use of native plants in a garden enhances its natural beauty while also providing food, protective cover, and nesting sites for wildlife. Over centuries, native plants have adapted to the climate, soils, and environmental conditions of an area, making them easier to grow and maintain. On Kiawah Island, native plant species have developed the ability to thrive in humid summers and are well adapted to life at the coast, all while enticing local insects, birds and other native animals to pollinate their flowers and disperse their fruits.  Native plants are responsible for clean air, pure water, soil stability, flood abatements, and wild animal habitat, thus being essential to healthy, functioning ecosystems. Having evolved with the area’s insects and diseases, native plants will reduce your need for costly fertilizers and save you time on garden care.

In an effort to increase local and guest knowledge of the importance of native plants, the “Naturally Kiawah Garden” will be planted and used as a key educational tool for countless students, visitors, and local residents of Kiawah Island. Thanks to an anonymous grant, generous donors to the Kiawah Conservancy, and the Kiawah Island Golf Resort’s donation of a portion of Night Heron Park, the project has been fully funded. Garnered with island-wide support, the highly anticipated completion date for the Garden is Summer/Fall of 2013.

On April 22, 2013, The Kiawah Conservancy and Kiawah Island Golf Resort will host the official ground breaking at 4pm at the sight of the future garden in the Night Heron Park.  Kiawah Island guests and residents are encouraged to attend and meet the landscape architect, Kiawah Island Golf Resort’s Director of Landscaping, and the Kiawah Conservancy’s garden project team. Even if you can’t make it to this event, we hope that when you add color or new life to your own garden or even gift a friend with a bucket of sunshine this spring, you think twice of the heartiness and often overlooked beauty of a natural plant.