It’s (Bobcat) Kitten Season!

In February of this year, we shared a story of a special encounter that our recreation staff had with a female bobcat at Night Heron Park.  Now, we have learned that our Bobcat (Bobcat 700), has given birth.  Her den, located near the dunes in front of Windswept Villas,  on one of Kiawah’s busiest weeks of the year (Easter Week), is a wonderful testament to the cohabitation possible when suitable habitat is maintained.

As part of Kiawah’s ongoing wildlife research, Bobcat 700 was fitted with a GPS collar earlier this year by Town Biologists, Jim Jordan and Aaron Given. The GPS collar is programmed to gather a specific number of points per day.  By carefully studying the cat’s GPS point on the computer, Town Biologists can determine habitat use, travel corridors and in this case the denning site!

When found, the kitten was determined to be a 10-day old female.  After taking measurements, Biologist PIT tagged her.  Pit (passive inductive transponder) tags are the same tags used on your dog or cat.  This tag allows the individual to be scanned and identified if she is ever caught again as an adult.  By following the lineage of our bobcats, we continue to gather important information to help ensure a healthy bobcat population for future generations.