Celebrating the beginning of Spring!

Spring is here and there is a sense of new beginnings in The Ocean Room kitchen. Baby radish, young asparagus, spring onions are some of the highlights of the new tasting menu.

1st Course on Tasting Menu-

Tuna Carpaccio- Wild Arugula, Sunchokes, Spring Vegetable Vinaigrette

Sliced thin, pounded even thinner and presented raw. This Tuna is seasoned with black Hawaiian salt and extra virgin olive oil. The combination of fatty tuna, black salt and sweet sunchoke will remain on the months Tuna dish. We have added spring vegetable vinaigrette to tie it all together. The vinaigrette will consist of a brunoise of daikon radish, carrots, spring onion, garlic and celery. We will be using our house made lemon vinegar, lemon zest, lemon juice and California extra virgin olive oil. Wild arugula will add some spiciness to the plate.

Paired with 2011 Ptujska Klet “Pullus” Vin Gris, Stajerska

2nd Course on Tasting Menu-

Chicken Veloute- Spring’s first vidalia’s, braised poulet rouge, espelette dusted cracklins’, cured egg yolk

A continuation from the March tastes menu, the poulet rouge we use here is born and raised amongst Vidalia onion farms in Georgia. We will use some braised thigh meat in the bowl along with sherry vinegar glazed Vidalia onions. The slightly spicy cracklins’ will add a touch of heat to warm our diners in these last few cool nights here in the Lowcountry. We will be adding a new garnish to the dish in the form of grated egg yolk. Packed in salt, sugar and black pepper for five days it becomes hardened and adds a nice color to the bowl.

Paired with 2011 L’agape <Expression> Pinot Blanc, Alsace

3rd Course on Tasting Menu-

Pork Belly Confit- Greek Yogurt Mousse, Yellow Curry Granola

The Pork Belly here is brined overnight with honey, garlic, herbs, and black peppercorns. It’s then packed in a sous vide bag with pork fat and cooked at 175 degrees for eight hours. It is deep fried at pick up resulting in a crispy tender piece of pork belly. Underneath the belly will be some curried granola, which has marcona almonds, steel cut oats, and golden raisins. Rounding out the plate will be a Greek yogurt mousse; served cold with dish should remind you of breakfast.

Paired with 2011 Chateau Thivin Gamay, Cotes De Brouilly

4th Course on Tasting Menu-

130 Degree Filet Mignon- Spring Radish, Asparagus, Roasted Garlic Puree, Bone Marrow Bordelaise

The radish and asparagus are glazed with butter and herbs. The puree is made with roasted garlic, white wine, spring onions and potatoes. We are using bone marrow in the sauce to provide a nice mouth feel and richness to the dish. We will garnish with micro arugula.

Paired with 2007 Il Fauno Di Arcanum Merlot/Cabernet, Toscana

 5th Course on Tasting Menu-

Bijou- Bella Rose Beer Reduction, Hazelnut Jam, Baguette Croistini

The hazelnut jam is made by boiling hazelnuts, orange zest, grand marnier, water and sugar. Then pureeing and straining

 6th Course on Tasting Menu-

Strawberry Cheesecake-

The Strawberry Cheesecake is made with a dark chocolate shortbread crust, lemon basil reduction, white chocolate Chantilly, and strawberries to garnish!

Paired with 2011 Elio Perrone “Bigaro” Moscato/Brachetto, Piemonte

 By: The Ocean Room Chef de Cuisine, Andrew Venable
Sous Chef, Jason Rheinwald
Pastry Chef, Ashley Kennedy