We’re Pickling!

Basic Quick pickling recipe – by Chef Matthew Fitzgerald, The Sanctuary Chef Tournant

It is important that the vinegar be stronger than a 1/1 ratio with water and that the salt content is 5% of the total weight of what you are pickling. I simmer the ingredients for 10 min and then strain.

2 qt water

2.5 qt white vinegar

3 oz kosher salt

10 black pepper corns

2 onions

For pickling purposes I like to pickle a whole bunch of ingredients in the same day so we make a master batch of pickling liquid and the flavor the individual jars before adding the items to be pickled.

In the okra container I added

1 teaspoon of sugar

2 Mexican bird chilies

3 pinches of caraway seeds

After all jars are packed I place them in simmering water, pour simmering pickling liquid on top and put place the cap on, allowing the jars to cool at room temperature then check the seals to make sure they are tight.