A Transition into Spring at The Ocean Room


We are celebrating winter and looking forward to the transition into spring in The Ocean Room kitchen. Each of these dishes will feature a nod to the winter and a sneak peak of what the early spring has to offer.

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1st course-

Tuna Carpaccio- winter truffle aioli, pickled sunchokes, micro arugula

Sliced thin, pounded even thinner and presented raw. This Tuna is seasoned with black Hawaiian salt and extra virgin olive oil. Ailoi is made with winter Tennessee Truffles and seasoned liberally with black pepper. The pickled sunchokes and mircro arugula will provide acidity to balance the rich tuna and creamy aioli.


2nd course-

Chicken Veloute- Spring’s first vidalias, braised poulet rouge, espelette dusted cracklins’

The poulet rouge we use here is born and raised amongst Vidalia onion farms in Georgia. We will use some braised thigh meat in the bowl along with sherry vinegar glazed Vidalia onions. The slightly spicy cracklins’ will add a touch of heat to warm our diners in these last few cool nights here in the Lowcountry.


3rd course-

Braised Pork Belly- Green pea puree, toasted buckwheat, sunflower seeds, braising jus consommé

Along with the toasted buckwheat our pork belly is braised in red wine and brings back memories of cold winters. The green pea puree and pea tendrils will brighten the dish and provide some freshness to the palate. Braising jus is clarified with agar-agar resulting in a crystal clear, very flavorful broth.


4th course-

130 Degree Filet Mignon- Turnip gratin, spring onion coulis, black garlic bordelaise, fiscalini cheddar

Turnip gratin is flavored with roasted garlic, fiscalini cheddar, and thyme will be the nod to winter here. Spring onion is used to make a smooth flavorful puree that is thinned slightly. A traditional bordelaise is fortified with black garlic to give it a fermented, almost sour taste and finished with squid ink to give it a jet black color. Pickled turnips will garnish the dish.


5th course-

Humboldt Fog- Sultanas, golden beet-verjus reduction, marcona almonds

An American original cheese coming from California. This is a ripened goat’s milk cheese, the texture is elegant and soft. Flavor will be slightly tangy, there is a line of vegetable ash that runs through the center. A reduction of golden beet juice and verjus (made from pinot noir grapes) balances the earthiness of the cheese and the saltiness from the almonds. Garnished with a few edible flowers.


6th course-

Lemon Pudding Cake- Lemon pudding cake, served with rhubarb crisp, whipped rhubarb spread and ginger ice-cream.

By: The Ocean Room Chef de Cuisine, Andrew Venable and Sous Chef, Jason Rheinwald